Saturday, 13 April 2013

Wedding Day

So at the "young" age of 35, having waited nearly six years, I finally married the love of my life, my dearly beloved Eleanor Joan a.k.a. Elli!

My best man, kindly treated me to a night in a hotel before the big day. A precious moment to reminisce over our friendship, hear his advice (he has been married 18 months or so) and thank God for all his goodness!

I slept surprisingly well, probably due to the stiff whiskey at the bar just before bed time, but still woke up ridiculously early - 4:30am.

The morning was very relaxed and so was I! Only when I spotted that the bridal carriage had arrived did I have a BIG sudden attack of nerves, but then I saw her face walking towards me, and all those nerves flew away! Her hands were in mine and mine in hers. Indescribable!

My father led proceedings and married us which was a great privilege as well as an echo of eternity. Even if he did get some banter in at his son's expense, he is allowed. I owe him so much and hope I can replicate his legacy as a husband and father.

We sang our songs of praise to God, supported by wonderful musical friends. Our great friend and inspiration, Sean Green preached magnificently and we declared our vows before God and in front of dear family and friends.

Up at the reception venue, my groomsmen - Richard, Scott, Craig, Sitho and Michael were amazing. Everything went like clockwork. They made me look really good! Personally, I am NEVER that organized!

The wedding breakfast consisted of spit roasted lamb with various accompaniments followed by delicious wedding cake made by our lovely friend DD.

My new father-in-law led out the speeches followed by me, my wife and the best man. Credit to the best man, after nearly 17yrs of friendship, there was no shortage of material available with which to send me up, and send me up he did!! That said, the foot in mouth moments from my own speech meant he didn't have to work very hard!

We then danced the night away with a celidah, well, til 10:30pm at any rate when the Astra, suitably transfigured into a love machine with all the usual kinds of matrimonial ribbons and decorations took us away to an undisclosed (up to that point) location!

Due to large to do lists that needed completing before the start of term as well as the process of interlocking our lives (especially our possessions) together in one house, we only had two nights away (a mini-moon) at a hotel spa resort in West Berkshire.  We were upgraded to the honeymoon suite free of charge. (Get in!!) Elli thought that only happened in the movies and I don't really watch movies!

As an aside, we wholeheartedly recommend all three of our venues, (the church, the reception at 3sixty, and the hotel) as well as our celidah band and caterers which we found through Google. We were so blessed!

Words are in no way sufficient to express how grateful my wife and I are for all the help we have received from so many in preparation for our wedding day. Not just because they saved us hundreds, even thousands, of pounds, but because of all the love of which this help was a demonstration. We are very blessed to have such wonderful families, a wonderful church family and wonderful friends. And we vow as a couple to show the same kind of love to those who come after us, not just those getting married, but for all those God puts in our path, whatever season they find themselves in. We are overwhelmed. God is good.

It has now been a week since that wonderful day and to my surprise, evidence of the occasion has hitherto proven sparse on the social media networks.  Not that I'm complaining, so here is my favourite photo to date, kindly forwarded by my brother. It's the moment after we were declared husband and wife during the celebration of the witnesses! I think it captures the beauty of my bride exquisitely:

Whilst I never cried on the day, I have been privately welling up since.
All the money in the world, could not have bought that smile on her face.
I am so blessed. The wait was worth it!

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