Saturday, 20 April 2013

Domestic Bliss...?

Today has been the first Saturday I've felt like a proper husband as finally, after eight and a half years of living in this house, I mowed the lawn. (For the record, I'm not proud of that sentence.)

Not that lawn mowing is the epitome of husband-dom (not to be confused with husbandry) or masculinity more generally, but just that it's evidence of a certain settled state at which one has finally arrived and that there is someone living here now who cares if she can't see out of the kitchen window due to overgrowth. Whilst I did care before, I didn't care enough to get off my backside...

It has also been the first day of the year we've been confident enough of the weather to use the washing line:

Other feminizing touches to this former bachelor pad have included - cleaner bathrooms, flowers on the dining room table and more regular laundry cycles.

I have to admit it, my game is being raised...

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