Saturday, 9 March 2013

Visit a Gold Mine and Get Some Free Gold!!!

Four talks on how to read the Bible. (Don't switch off, keep reading, I am willing to bet money, you haven't heard this stuff before.)

Whether you're a pastor of a church or a new Christian there is a load of gold here for you.

The talks are not so much about giving you information, as about giving you new eyes to see what you couldn't see before.  Following Jesus in Matt.13:22, Jordan helps us to see that the Bible is less a manual and more a seed, that transition has MASSIVE implications for the way you think.

Even at 63, he has the joyful, inquisitive mind of a child, (Matt.18:3) something we so easily and tragically lose as we get older and try to act all cool and sophisticated...

We are, after all, eternal children.

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