Saturday, 9 March 2013

Assumption is the Mother of Disastrous Bible Reading

If you're like me, then up to today, you will have assumed that David and Jonathan were about the same age - brothers in arms etc etc. Had they grown up in the same town, they would have been the two lovable, mischievous friends - the adorable rascals who did exploits together.

But when you put the numbers together, Jonathan was at least 10 years older than David, and probably more - possibly up to 20 years older.

This piecing together of the story, puts a very different spin on the friendship of the two men.  It was more one of mentor-mentee or master-apprentice or (if you like Kung-Fu films) Sensei and Uchei-Deshi.

Jonathan not only gave up the kingship to David, he clearly prepared this young pup for that succession.  That makes Jonathan an even more godly man than I first thought.

Some would say that is not a disastrous assumption to dispel.  True, but that's the problem with assumptions, you don't realise they're there or how damaging they are until you come out from under them.

Wonder what else I am falsely assuming... and therefore labouring under...?

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