Monday, 9 April 2012

Resurrection = Transition

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ was THE transition moment in history. Through the resurrection of the Son of God, God moves the story of history and humanity from:
  • Old Covenant to New Covenant - Heb.8:13
  • Wrath to Grace - Rom.5:8-9
  • Night to Day - 1 Thess.5:5
  • Shadow (image) to Reality - Col.2:17
  • Law to Spirit - Rom.7:6
  • Childhood to Adulthood - Gal.4:1-2
This is not to say that these elements were not present in the opposite times. For example, God is very gracious in the Old Testament (Deut.12:7), and there is no shortage of wrath in the New (Rev.6:16), but the fundamental accent changes for the better. God is laying hold of his creation again, like in Genesis 1, but this time he is recreating, laying hold of spiritual chaos and bringing light, order, life and beauty to it in the work of salvation.

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