Friday, 6 April 2012

Good Friday Meditation 4/4: Jesus Reigns from the Grave

Jesus is the perfect Jew. He finishes his work before Sabbath rest begins and with enough time that people can bury him without compromising the law.

Where exactly the Spirit of Jesus went during his time away from the body isn't easy to tie down. Did he return to Heaven? (Lk.23:43) Did he go and preach to the spirits in prison? (1Pe.3:19). Did he pop an African visit down at Abraham's bosom? (Lk.16:22 newer translations boringly say "side")

But wherever he was and whatever he was doing, he was still reigning.  Had he not, the simple matter of fact is that the universe would have imploded (Heb.2:10). That has always and will always be the case. We have no meaning or existence separate from the Son of God and his Father.

Jesus' body, currently emptied of his Spirit, is placed in a tomb a short distance from the site of his execution. It waits in patient hope of resurrection a couple of days from then.

Like a seed laid in the ground, waiting to sprout and become a glorious fruit bearing plant (Jn.12:24, 1Cor.15:37), so too, the body of Jesus lies in the grave, waiting to be resurrected, transformed and glorified onto a level never hitherto experienced by anything in the creation.

Moreover, only through "death" can a seed multiply itself and give itself away to the rest of the world. A picture of Christ who, once he is raised from death, will be given the nod to multiply his (eternal) life throughout the whole creation.

And so we wait in hope...

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