Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Philosophical (but terribly polite) Pirates

Legend of the Americano-Evangeli-Christian Sphere Mark Driscoll has been accused of claiming all British preachers are cowards. He counters that accusation here.

Responding to his plea, may I be the mouse that roared and say that the following video, lovely as it sounds and as personable as the speaker is (and I think he is extremely personable) it is philosophical piracy. (Mobile users click here.)

You can't live in Christ's world, taking all his benefits and graces and expect him to lie down and take it. His mercy is very great, his call to all is universal and his forgiveness total, but they are not eternal. One day the door will shut.

The mistake we all (not just the atheists) make is if/when we claim we're on to something new. We aren't. Philosophical piracy may pedal its wares under cooler sounding names such as "New Revelation," "Final Prophecy," "New Age" etc., but it's something that has gone on since the dawn of time - ever since Adam and Eve thought they were on to something as they tucked into a delicious looking bit of fruit.

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