Saturday, 21 January 2012

God Is On The Move

Have just got hold of Michael Bull's new book Bible Matrix II: The Covenant Key. In the preface, he writes:
God likes to move stuff. Motion is life and beauty and productivity. Stillness is stagnation, decay and death.

As we saw in Bible Matrix, the work of God in Man is not merely
there and back again. Nature abounds with cyclical motions, from atomic spin to the "circle of life" to the rotation of galaxies or the identical cycles of the movements of a clock.

God's moves are most certainly repeated cycles, but the Bible gives up a more interesting philosophy than that held by the pagan thinkers, who never expected anything to improve. Biblical history is not a
spinning top, but a wheel. It is turning for the sake of going somewhere. Bible history is Man on a mission.

God sends Man out because he wants Man to come back with something, and the Bible is full of such missions.


But the word mission is a little impersonal ... so the Bible uses a more personal relational word: Covenant. God's covenants are his initiating words that keep things on the move.
Looks like a fascinating read. This along with the soon to be published book by Mike Reeves: The Good God: Enjoying Father, Son and Spirit, mean I'm in for a real truth treat. :-)

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Mike Bull said...

Hi Richard

Would love to know what you think of my book. Apparently it's a difficult read. I'd really appreciate a review -- happy to send you the next one in return!

Mike Bull