Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Just Enjoy It

Judges 4-5

A couple of years ago, I was of the opinion that the only reason Deborah became a "judge" in Israel was because the men had all abdicated their responsibilities and that the whole situation was wrong. Deborah should not have held that office.

I now think I was somewhat short-sighted. That Deborah was a judge may well have been an exceptional occurrence, but it was not an evil one. Nowhere does the Bible condemn this state of affairs. For example, Isaiah does not at any point introduce his declarations of woe and judgement with the opening line: "Remember the former abominable days of Deborah?... This is like them..." I am thus of the opinion that neither should we.

I remain a complementarian. Men are to guard and govern the local church as a picture of how Christ guards and governs his global people. Women come alongside as helpers in the task. That's the way God has set it up for man and woman to reign over creation together.

So what am I saying?

I'm saying if you are like I was a couple of years ago, then may I encourage you to enjoy the story of Deborah and of how God delivers the people out of the hands of Jabin and Sisera, without getting into a flap about gender roles.

Deborah stirs up the people (Judges 4:6) to go out and vanquish their enemies. So too, the Holy Spirit, broods over the church stirring her up for conquest and expansion. (Acts 13:2)

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