Saturday, 30 April 2011

Help to Keep My Hand on the Plough

I was recently asked for some prayer points. Thought I'd share them here.

That I would grow in the prophetic words spoken over my life.
1. That God would use my hands to write.
A word spoken over me when I accompanied Sean to Crown Church's Men's Day over at the WEC centre a good few years ago now. Am beginning to get upwards of 3000 hits a month on the blog - my primary outlet for this word (half of those hits are mine, checking it's still there and looking for punctuation errors/typos etc!! ;-) May there be more freshness, clarity and life in what I write, seeing more of Jesus and enjoying sharing him.

2. That I would take complex/deep biblical truths and make them simple to understand/digest for people.
This was spoken over me by Sitho when we went on retreat to Stanton House last year. Am really appreciating listening to James Jordan going through the Old Testament and want to ensure that the time I gain from going part time in teaching is put to fruitful study that blesses others and doesn't puff up my own mind.

3. That I would grow as a Pastor.
(Julian's word over me back in Jan.) Whilst the detail was a bit shaky, (I am already an elder) the sentiment was spot on. I often prefer to run like Saul and hide amongst the baggage (1Sam.10:22) than come out and stand tall and put my hand to the plough with the rest.

Personal points
1. Joy in the LORD
Whilst I feel like I have grown in many ways, I feel like there is a vitality that is lacking and that I have given away ground in some areas. I fear I'm getting a little too cool (in every sense of the word). I need to remember that obedience is better than the sacrifice of lips and learning.

2. Contentment in all circumstances
Days go by when I am happy in the Lord and feel like I want to run hard at singleness for the sake of the Kingdom (Matt. 19:12) Other days I burn with passion, (1Cor.7:9) feeling like a freak of nature and wanting to be "coupled up" like everyone else. I don't really know what else to say on that. I don't really know what I want. I know both paths are good.

3. More of a seamless life
I often feel like I run hard at some things in the home / work / church and then leave others to go to the dogs. I need a more consistency. I can't be perfect at everything, but I can definitely be less bad at a few things e.g. marking and gardening.

4. Disposable time/treasure management
I have lots of disposable time!! Lots of disposable income, I waste a lot of them both because I have so much of them unlike many who utilise well the little they have. I need more wisdom and self-discipline in this area.

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