Friday, 1 January 2010

Know Where This Is All Going...

Today, along with almost 30 friends, I've begun following a reading plan that will take me through the whole bible over the course of 2010, reading on average between three and four chapters a day.

The first three chapters of Genesis raises a fistful of questions. (I could probably fill up my "question logger" on the basis of just today's reading!) But beyond all my personal interest questions lies a most important question: Where's this all heading...?

Here's my starter for 10, do chip in with comments/charges of heresy and the like.

God the Father selflessly gives the whole cosmos as a gift to God the Son. And to prove that this giving is truly selfless, has chosen to set up in such a way that he doesn't participate in it. Rather, he leaves everything to the Son. No micro managing here!

God the Son, being equally loving and selfless, and not wishing to hog this gift for himself, does everything (creation/salvation) so that the Father can share this gift with him. The goal of Salvation is face to face fellowship with both the Father and the Son.

Jesus became like one of us so that we could one day become like him enjoying the fellowship of his Father.

That is why partial paradise of Eden will be superseded by the perfect paradise of the new Jerusalem. That is why the end is better than the beginning.

We find this difficult to follow because we labour under the delusion that history is all about us.

Put in simple terms, the next time a loved one gives you a gift (e.g. a box of chocs) and you share that love gift with them, you are, in a tiny way, mirroring the divine eternal love of the Father and the Son and summing up the whole of history. Impressive eh?? Bet you never thought chocolate could be that profound!

I barely feel the weight of what I am uttering!

God help me!!


Pedro Garcia Millan said...

I hate to break it to you grampa, but the moloch axis demoniacs have taken over your sweet America with a so-called democratic tyranny. I know, i know it's hard to believe that both Democrats & Republicans are one-and-the-same piece of poop, but it be true.

You see, these malignant men & women worship & serve the demon moloch and do his bidding. They blew up a few buildings and killed a few thousand good people and blamed it on some Arabs (90% of which are alive & walking free in the middle east) and thereafter they imposed the Homeland Security Department & passed the Patriot Act to further control the citizenry.

They are also chemically spraying in a grid pattern up in the sky over every major city, thus poisoning us with heavy elements and blaming that on global warming to further tax us with their cap & trade policies.

The time has come for GOOD to STOP Evil because IF Good does nothing then Evil has already triumphed.

I sometimes wonder WHY when i pray to God to wipe off the face of the earth all of the occult (which includes the moloch axis demoniacs obviously) he does NOTHING????? Why do you thing that is grandpa?

Let me know WHAT you think and thank you in advance :)

Have a GREAT new year in 2010.

Richard Walker said...

I don't really have an opinion on such things.

My priority is in all this is Micah 6:8 and 1 Peter 4:19

Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

Prooooooo'bly won't wanna be friends with me: I sign, I hear, I fart loudly, I have a raggedity ol limp, I rarely drool, I rarely tok... you proooooo'bly don't wanna know me. The people at my Catholic church didn't appreciate this sinfull mortal which I was going to for 15? years in hopes that I'd find a friend, so I left --- But, hey, Pops, I love yer blog. Meet me Upstairs in the Great Beyond where we'll party-hardy. God bless.

Richard Walker said...