Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The Eternal Gospel God Revealed in Jesus Christ Right From the Start... - Illustrated Musically

This is a follow on from one of last week's posts, but from a musical angle.

Have a listen to the familiar piece of classical music below. Notice how it begins: the flute introducing the tune, echoed by the oboe. This interplay between these two wind instruments continues until suddenly the whole orchestra exuberantly bursts into life, caught up into the same music the flute and oboe have been playing all along.

The same theme is then repeated with different variations and textures until the end when the flute and bassoon (same woodwind family as the oboe) bring things to a close in a rested and stately fashion and the rest of the orchestra follows.

There's an echo of the gospel here. The initiation of the Father and the reciprocation of the Son in the fellowship of the Spirit and the joyful participation of the church in every age of history from Adam to Noah to Abraham to Moses to David to Jesus to Paul to Athanasius to Luther (to you? - to your entourage?) and so on as she is caught up into these incredible eternal purposes and brought in joy to her place of rest and peace.

The bible, history yea reality itself, is, and always has been, about Jesus - the one who reveals the Father in the unity and power of the Spirit. The only faith that saves, and has ever saved, is conscious faith in the Son of God, who has many titles all down the Bible, but one work - to make a people not only fit for fellowship with himself, but with his Father also.

In this purpose alone, the cross of Jesus Christ makes final sense.

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