Sunday, 23 August 2009

Splendid Sundays in the Son

This afternoon, a bunch of us went for a stroll on the Bramshill Plantation. It's a gem of a place to go for a walk, (15mins by car south out of Reading!) and I'm stunned that so few local people I meet seem to know it's there! (Perhaps I should keep it that way and not blog this. The last thing I want is human traffic jams on a Sunday afternoon!) Highlights include:

The Lake
Today we didn't see any fish or swans, but we did see dragonflies gadding about as well as some amazing shapes massaged by the wind into the surface of the water.

The Wildlife
Almost trod on this little fella...

The camera on my mobile phone is rubbish. In the distance on the photo below, (you can't make them out) we saw some fawns.

We also saw a stag at 20m, but he was gone before I had time to fumble my camera out of my pocket.

The People
More great conversations about life as we know it thus far, as well as the hopes and perplexities that lie ahead.

Great place... Go there.

NB Not a "smart-shoe" or buggy friendly place, unless you have one of those buggies that looks like a decommissioned lunar explorer!

Thank you Jesus... again!

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