Thursday, 27 August 2009

Ruminating on the Daily Little Resonances of Eternity

Two things have happened this week in this visible and temporary life that made me pause and rejoice in the reality of the invisible and eternal one.

I finally got off my backside and went to get my replacement tax-disc from the DVLA at Theale. I had been dumb enough to lose the original after it arrived in the post back in May and to my shame, I have been driving illegally for the last three months! (Two if you count the fact that I was in East Africa for a month, but yes you're right, that doesn't make it any better and yes, I'm squirming! The photo makes a good job of hiding it though.) So whilst the dues for my car had been paid, I nevertheless had failed to display the evidence of that transaction appropriately.

A good metaphor, I feel. For whilst the ransom on my life has been paid, how often it is that I fail to display that evidence appropriately! I thank God for mercy!

(Still squirming... :-S)

The GCSE results were published today. A friend of mine said that she was proud her son's achievements, then wondered on Facebook, in good humour, if that kind of pride was allowed.

I found myself pondering (as I often do) that off the cuff remark and thought it wholly appropriate!! Parental pride in the wholesome achievements of their children is good. Necessary even. Moreover, (and this is when I found myself all of a sudden punching the air and cheering) it's an appropriate, if small, echo of the pride the Father must have felt as Jesus rocked up in Heaven after the resurrection!

I doubt the Celestial Philharmonic played this when he did, but as a piece written for coronation, it's another echo of the installation of the king...

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Tom said...

Your car tax has nearly run out again... just a couple more months!