Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Ruminating on a Ransom Whilst doing some Routine Running

It's a funny kind of joy that the Christian has. It is at one and the same time exuberant and contrite.

As I jogged to work today, I pumped along to the sound of the Psalms on my iPod and the one that struck me most afresh was Psalm 49. The Psalm recounts how stupid and hopeless men and women are when they trust themselves and each other to make themselves acceptable before God.

Then comes beautiful verse 15.

And with the sun streaming down on my face, wonderfully symbolic (I run in an easterly direction to work), I gave thanks to Jesus for paying my ransom and ran on full of hope.


dave bish said...

And from the Sons of Korah too - they who know what is to be ransomed from sheol.

Richard Walker said...

I did smile and think that, given your recent audio post from Reeves! ;-)

For anyone else listening in, you can find wonderful and brief explanation of the title of Psalm 49 (amongst others) here: