Monday, 9 March 2009

Trinity: On Gift Horses and Mouths

A pupil at school asked me last week to give him a verse that illustrates the Trinity. If you know me, you'll know that the words "gift horse" and "mouth" sprung to my mind.

Turns out that the pupil in question is a Christadelphian. To see how they differ from mainstream evangelical theology on the person of Christ click here and scroll down to the sections titled "The nature of Jesus" and "The Son of God not God the Son".

What would you have said to his question?

Turns out he had his answer ready asuming I was going to go to either John 1 or Titus and sensing that his question was loaded somewhat, I went at it from a different angle and to the Old Testament:

Gen 19:24, which clearly gives us two LORDs acting in unity (of the Spirit).
Isaiah 63:7-10 where we have all three: the LORD (the Father), the Angel of his Presence who is sent to save his people (the Son) and the Holy Spirit, whose conviction the people stubbornly refuse.
Finally Isaiah 48:16 where one who clearly identifies himself as the LORD says that he is sent by the Lord along with the Spirit.

If there is no Trinity, there is no gospel, no hope and no meaning to existence, in fact we wouldn't even be here in the first place.

He's a really nice guy. Not sure what he made of the answer I gave him, but a dialogue has opened and he has faithfully returned to our meetings ever since and seems to genuinely interested in what we are doing!

So hurrah!

TBC... I hope!

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