Saturday, 13 December 2008

Encouragement Between Brothers is Sweet!

Had the pleasure of meeting up with Tim Pinkstone this morning.  (The guy in the photo, just in case you were wondering!)

Tim was a member of our church when he was a student here in Reading.  He has delayed entering the rat race that is the adult working world for a year so that (with the help of these guys) he can support and mentor Christian students at the University of the West of England as they seek to tell other students about Jesus Christ.  

He has chosen to sacrifice many material comforts to do this, but I bet you, if you asked him, he would say it is no sacrifice at all and that Jesus is worth it!

I love this guy.  God-willing, he will be back with us after he has finished his year in Bristol.  

Suffice to say that our time together was over too soon.  I hope it isn't too long before he is dropping by this way again!!