Sunday, 30 November 2008

Double Predestination

Am trying to get my head round the whole double predestination thing in a way that doesn't make it explode and, more to the point, is firmly grounded in the glory of the Triune God, not some western philosophical construction of god that looks, to the untrained eye, like the God of the Bible, but isn't.

I have been informed that the early-mid 20th century theologian Karl Barth is a good place to dip, (not easy reading though, there aren't any pictures). I have done so here.

This seems to be the pivotal phrase in his writing on election and double predestination: Jesus Christ is the electing God and He is also the elected Man.

It will be a while before I have some concrete thoughts on this, but if anyone wants to ponder this with me a while, then please do. And do ask me about it, as it will help me to sort out my thoughts on what I am reading.


dave bish said...

I found Piper on Romans 9 most helpful on this question.

WTM said...

Big picture: whereas the Reformed tradition has generally referred double predestination to elect human beings, Barth refers it to Jesus Christ. So, rather than there being some human beings who are elect and some who are reprobate, Jesus Christ is both the elect one and the reprobate one. There are many consequences to this move. I hope you enjoy working through it.

Richard Walker said...


When you say that you have found Piper most helpful on this, are you saying that you prefer him to Barth or just that to date he gives you the best angle on the whole debate?

dave bish said...

Piper helped me to most understand - reading his The Justification of God, though I read Forster & Marsden's God's Strategy in Human History at the same time which presents a counter argument.