Sunday, 20 April 2014

Trinitarian Humility and Glory

Many are suspicious that God is probably some egomaniac who only created us so that he could make us suffer and then demand worship from us, torturing us in Hell if we didn't comply. That may be because they replace the true God with one made up by their own self-centredness (anthropomorphism).  It's no surprise then, that the "god" they come up tends to be horrible beyond imagination.  Our so called modern generation is no different from all those who went before, we just express it differently. (Acts 17:29)

But the Bible introduces us to a delightfully different kind of God. One who you and I would never imagine up, because we are too self obsessed. (1Cor. 2:9)

The Father, Son and Spirit are all seeking that we prefer the other.

The Father is not interested in his own glory, he wants all to behold his Son. (Matt. 3:17, 17:5)

The Son does not seek his own glory but wants only to honour his wonderful Father, he also tells his disciples that is is better that he leaves, and the Spirit comes, then things are really going to get going! (John 14:28, 16:7)

The Spirit simply wants to honour the Son (John 16:14) as the Son honours the Father (John 5:19).

And so the humble social dance goes on eternally.

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