Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Singleness Sermon Teaser

As a teaser for the upcoming sermon on singleness, here are two sets of results from the two surveys I wrote.

The first is from the singles saying how they view their singleness:

The second is the range of answers from the marrieds talking about what they felt the best thing about their singleness season was.
  • Man speaking: Fun and freedom and enjoying the company of many girls.
  • Free time was my time!
  • Decision making flexibility in scheduling and activities
  • Having more 'free' time to spend how I liked and with a range of people. I think I had a lot more time for friends because once you're married a lot of that time is spent with your partner. Being more flexible.
  • Having good times with friends. Having more time to have to yourself for chilling or quiet times with God.
  • You can do what you want when you want with no one else to take into consideration. You can spend your money how you'd like to and treat yourself without feeling guilty. You can spend more time with your friends. You spend a lot less time doing housework and boring "running a family" chores.
  • Not having to worry about how selfish you were
  • One of the best things was living with other guys of a similar age.
  • Wasting away the hours playing computer games ... hang on ... maybe that wasn't so great after all
  • Not answerable for how I spent money and more male attention.
  • Being able to change my plans after stating them, without being held to them.
  • Not being accountable in actions or decisions
  • Spontaneity
  • You can be as selfish with your time as you see fit- be social and polite or just not enter communal living.
  • I have some awesome friends from uni, when I was single, who really are friends for life, and there when I need them. I was able to cultivate deep friendships with people.
And finally - an amusing, but poignant clip (Embedding disallowed). Found myself in that situation not a few times - although I didn't mention the divorce rate...

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