Thursday, 2 January 2014

"If the Theologian of the 16th Century was a Lawyer, the Theologian of the 21st is an Ad Man"

As an occasional preacher, I found this blog post absolutely fascinating on how the mentality of marketing seaps into the church. It kept me and Elli going in discussion for nearly two hours afterwards.

You'll need at least half an hour to read it and watch all the videos he includes to illustrate his points.

And a related but different TED talk about the danger of the TED talk. Hats off to TEDx for having such a subversive speaker!!  The danger is not in the talk itself, but the way it packages information and how that presentation makes us feel. Placeboes on a whole new level.


Dove of Creation said...

Alastair's blog post on modern theology as advertising is great. Have you seen his blog series on the nature of evangelicalism? It's very long, but well worth checking out - a real paradigm shifter!

Chris w

Richard Walker said...

Am slowly going through it.. Very good. :-)

Incidentally, the latest posted TED talk exemplifies what Bratton said.