Sunday, 8 September 2013

Little Note of a Nation

Came across this note in a my wife's study bible - a commentary on 2 Kings 14:23...
"Secular historians report that Omri and Jeroboam were the strongest kings of Israel. Under them, the nations gained new heights of power and prestige. But consistently, the book of Kings gives little notice to political strength. It judges kings on the basis of spirituality, and thus Omri and Jeroboam are dismissed in a few paragraphs.
The wealthy but corrupt state of the nation during this time can be seen in the books by Amos and Hosea, both of whom prophesied in the beautiful city of Samaria. Israel scoffed at these prophets' words of doom, but within 20 years, their dire predictions had come true."


Shashikiran Madhukar said...

You are right. Almost an entire book of 1 Samuel talks about David, but historians have not found equal "evidence" regarding his glory days. God sees the Heart.

Richard Walker said...

Thanks for sharing, Shashi. Hope you and the family are well!