Saturday, 17 August 2013

No "Shoot," Sherlock

The following video testifies to the fact that when Christians try to rid themselves of all that weird old jargon, (glorification, post-millennial tribulation, rapture etc.) all they do is end up creating new jargon (and a new sub-culture), except that the new stuff is worse.

At least we knew we didn't understand the old jargon and could ask for someone to explain it to us.

The problem with the new jargon is that all the individual words are ones we know, therefore we assume that we all get what we mean, yet when we string those words together in phrases and sentences, somehow the meaning becomes weird, but who wants to look stupid or treacherous by asking what they really mean?

When was the last time (apart from the expletives) you ever heard an average person talk like this...?

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