Sunday, 3 June 2012

Whitley Diamond Jubilee Street Party

Yesterday I had the privilege of being part of Berkshire's biggest diamond jubilee street party as churches in Whitley (including the one of which I am part) put on a great celebration to serve God, honour the queen and be a blessing to the local community.

BBC Berkshire turned up to document the party as did the local paper and we appeared on ITV Meridian News.

Getting ready for our guests...
Proceedings were officially opened by Whitley's best known and best loved philanthropist - Sir John Madejski.

There was a fancy dress parade, a Whitley's Got Talent Final, an Illusionist, Live Music, face-painting and - of course - a lot of food!

Thousands of cakes baked and bought by the churches and 12,000 sandwiches bought in from a supplier were cut up and distributed by the tru... van load along the stretch of banqueting tables to feed the merry throng!

Party in full swing...
Together, we danced the Macarena, did Mexican waves and sang the national anthem.

One somewhat comic moment was after the grace, when we rang the church bell at St Agnes - it wasn't quite as loud as we were expecting!

For me, it's wonderful to have moments like these when I connect with people who live only metres away from me, but due to the brick walls that divide, lead us to inhabit totally different worlds.

The other heart warming thing was when people came up to us and asked us for more Jubilee edition New Testaments. We had placed them on tables, but people came at the end asking not just for 1, but 2, 3, even 4 at a time!

Jesus was right, the fields are ripe... (John 4:35)

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