Monday, 17 October 2011

Behold Your God: Biblical Thinking Forum Handout

Last week, a bunch of us met to think about five ways Jesus fulfills the prophetic Old Testament hope.

For those interested, the handout is available here.  It's for note taking rather than doing the job for me, so only if you know where I am coming from will it really be any use to you. Feel free to use if you would like.

That said in summary:

Jesus is the true man - the better Adam who after his death like sleep, receives a bride and becomes the head of a new humanity.

Jesus is the true son - the better Isaac who is the miraculously born son, offered up by his father as a sacrifice and who as a result receives the pre-eminent blessing beyond that of any of his contemporaries.

Jesus is the true prophet - the better Moses who leads the people out of slavery and teaches and fulfills the words of God from a mount(ain).

Jesus is the true high priest - the better Aaron who, as our great forerunner goes through baptism (death and resurrection) into the great holy place of God and is anointed with an eternal blessing that he shares with his people.

Jesus is the true king - the better David who crushes the great accuser of God's people and brings them peace and security.

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