Sunday, 4 July 2010

Proper Sport ;-)

This weekend, the world's largest annual sporting event (something our sibling rivalry with the French refuses us permission to admit)... le Tour de France began.

I'm not infrequently caught bemoaning our culture's obsession with watching a bunch of overpaid men chase a reinforced balloon around a pitch. I just don't get it! But in truth, there's nothing less vain (in fact maybe it's moreso) about watching a load of overpaid men chase each other round the countryside in Lycra, yet for some reason, I think that pursuit is more noble and worthy of my esteem!  I'm such a hypocrite!

223km was the first proper stage yesterday, including three crashes! (One caused by someone's dog wondering onto the road!)

I managed 100km on Saturday, but only with a break for lunch in between, and I didn't get up to do the same the following day!

They probably completed their distance (more than twice mine) in about the same time as I completed mine!  And they will get up and do it again tomorrow and the next day for nearly three weeks!

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